The Street Diner

The Street Diner is, at it’s foundations, a spacious, custom built trailer with a fully functioning kitchen that is powered for all your catering needs. Basically, we took the whole “meals on wheels” thing to the next level, by literally creating a commercial kitchen…on wheels. And we can take it anywhere! Whether that is at a festival, a corporate event, or just a good old shindig in your backyard, The Street Diner has got you covered, producing top-notch food, at your convenience. Not only have we got a fleet of mobile kitchens, each one serving up it’s own unique and special cuisine, but we also have the ability to create pop-up kitchens anywhere! Our mobile pop-up kitchens are built by us, from scratch, to cater for any, and all, of your foodie desires.

Pause. Eat. Enjoy.

Our motto sums up the heart of our company. They’re not just words that we have randomly picked. They are a path to a better eating experience; instructions that will lead you into a culinary experience like no other…


Our world is constantly moving. We are always looking for the next thing, swiping to the next story, rushing to the next meeting. Sometimes we need to just pause. By pausing, we can enjoy the present moment fully; and our moment is all about food.


Eating can be tedious, boring and even a chore at points. That’s something we want to change. We don’t want food to be simply for survival or sustenance. We want food, and eating, to be purely about enjoyment. And we can assure you, you will enjoy our food.


Made with love, precision and a wealth of experience, our food leaves you craving more. Luckily, we’re here at your convenience; so you can enjoy our food anywhere, at anytime.


You don't need a silver fork to eat good food.’

  • Paul Prudhomme


Boutique Event Catering

Turning the delicious cogs in our machine is chef extraordinaire Jon Labella. Jon has worked his magic in all corners of cuisine,  including being head chef on a private yacht. However, deciding that the private pirate life wasn’t for him, Jon turned his hand and pan to the wonderful world of The Street Diner. With the knowledge of what the industry was lacking, Jon created a business that provided the public with what they want: top-quality, on-the-go, catered-for-you food. 

So, what can we do for you?

It’s better to phrase it, we can’t we do for you. And, within reason, (don’t go asking for unicorn tears on your burgers now), the answer is nothing. Our mobile kitchens are designed to fulfil your catering needs, to the highest quality. Our team of chefs have been trained to cook a variety of different cuisines so that your foodie dream, can become a mouth-watering reality. We have worked everywhere. From Google corporate events, to Formula 1, to your nieces 6th birthday party, no event is too big or too small for us.


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