Never eat more than you can lift.’

  • Miss Piggy


How we work

A mobile professional kitchen

Our Uncle Baz (well, not our real uncle but we wish he was) is an absolute wizard when it comes to engineering. Give him an idea and he manifests it at the snap of his fingers. He worked his magic on our whole fleet - turning simple trailers into fully functioning mobile kitchens. Our kitchens can go anywhere and, get this, we can even create pop-up kitchens at events if you don’t fancy the full shebang of our fleet. Cool eh? 

Seasoned professional Chefs

Our chefs know their stuff. Coming from all backgrounds of the culinary world, they have an absolute tonne of experience in every cuisine imaginable. We only hire chefs who are passionate about what they do, the food they make and those who eat it. To find out more about the wonderfully tasty history of our chefs, why not go and check out our team page

Truly outstanding food

From 16 hour low and slow cherry cola bbq pulled pork (we are not responsible for any dribbling), to stone baked pizzas rolled out and crisped to perfection, to a veritable feast of seasoned, local seafood, you can be assured that there is something for everyone at The Street Diner. Go and take a sneaky peek at our sample menus below.


‘At The Street Diner, we’re a family.’

JON labella  |  Founder X chef


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