The Street Fleet

street diner

The STreet Diner

Serving up bespoke street food, The Street Diner will never leave you feeling hungry. Our burgers and dawgs (hotdogs that is) are packed full of flavour and crafted with passion. Everything, right down to our pesto mayo, is made by us in our mobile kitchen. But our Street Diner isn’t just for lunch or dinner. We also have an extensive breakfast menu so you can start your day right!


The SWing Grill

Mein patronus est ein…german sausage. Seriously though, our German sausages are magic. It’s hard to believe that The Swing Grill started from a BBQ over an oil drum. These were in the early days of The Street Diner, when sometimes things (like trucks) broke (a lot) and a good old fashioned oil drum had to do. We served delicious food then, and we still do now. Made to order, authentic, and sizzling hot, The Swing Grill is definitely a winner winner BBQ dinner.

street diner jr

The Street Diner Jr.

Our baby mobile kitchen, The Street Diner Jr. is perfect for smaller get togethers and events. Serving up our classic menu, The Street Diner Jr. can be parked literally anywhere to provide loaded fries, burgers and all things nice.

pizza The Street Diner

Stone Baked Pizza

Freshly risen, rolled out and stone-baked, our pizzas are mouthwatering to behold. Who needs to go to Italy when you have The Street Diner’s stone baked pizza coming to you? Jon spent his childhood flipping pizzas and making dough in his Grandad’s restaurant. Having emigrated from Italy, his grandparents instilled in Jon a strong love of food from an early age. So much so, that we even have a pizza named after him! Pizza Labella is a delicious combination of Napoli sauce, mozzarella, salami, pepperoni, caramelised onion and parmesan shavings; unique to The Stone Baked Pizza Street Diner, and memorable to everyone who tries it!

The Coffee Tuk

If you are in search of a pick-me-up, or are simply coffee addicts like ourselves, then you won’t want to miss the opportunity to book The Coffee Tuk. As well as all your standard coffee favourites such as Americano, Flat White and Latte, The Coffee Tuk also serves freshly made pastries and cakes. Even better, this member of the Fleet has the special ability to be ran indoors! Without the need for gas, The Coffee Tuk can be set up both indoors and out. Even EVEN better, after 12pm we can serve pies, mash and peas from this green, not so-mean, coffee machine.


sea diner street diner

The Sea Diner

Coming soon…


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