Jon Labella . Director


The O.G. of The Street Diner, Jon has never been far from the frying pan. From flipping pizzas in his Grandad’s restaurant, to head chef in rural eateries, Jon founded and raised The Street Diner with a clear vision in mind: delicious food, at convenience. Through sheer persistence, ingenuity and a lot of patience, The Street Diner transformed from a little truck in one man’s garage, to the fleet of mobile kitchens it is today. Still humble, and still cooking, you can find Jon behind the frying pan doing what he does best - cooking mouthwatering food, and making people smile.

street diner

‘From Super-Yachts to muddy fields’…


Frances Charlton . Operations Director


Photographer, social media manager, videographer, what can’t Fran do? She is the all-round good egg of our team and The Street Diner would be lost without her. Having been a wedding coordinator for four years previously, Fran is the man when it comes to planning, organising and achieving outstanding results for our company. What a gem.

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Thomas Ward . Chef

AKA. Tommy Gun

Chef departee Thomas has been in the family trade for years. Following in the footsteps of his old man, Tommy may have been born with a chefs hat on his head (no fake news, promise). Never far from a pizza paddle, Tommy frequently shows off his skills with dough having formally been a pizza chef. He is as excited to be a part of The Street Diner crew as we are to have him.

street diner chef

Barry Hocking . Engineer

AKA. Uncle BAz

Baz is an absolute genius. C’mon, have you seen our fleet? He designs and builds those things! When we say “right, we want to make a truck into a giant fish”, he just nods and go “yeah, sure. I can do that.” (definitely not fake news, wink, wink). Absolute legend.