'Where can I get a brew?': Newcastle Edition

Coffee The Street Diner

Newcastle is renowned for its vibrant night life, drinking culture and lively club scene. But it should be known for it’s coffee as well. If you’re not taking a cup from our Coffee Tuk, then these coffee and tea spots are a must-visit for any big brew enthusiast! 

Pink Lane Coffee

Located down the cobbled street of Pink Lane (who would have guessed?) is this small coffee shop with a lot of coffee power. Serving up delicious coffee, fresh pastries and (possibly) the best croissants you can buy outside of France, this spot is a great place to relax away from the bustle of Central Station; or even to grab a coffee before you get on a train! 

Check out their website here.

Tea Sutra

If you’re a local, you’ve probably walked passed this tea house hundreds of times without even noticing that it’s there. Located near china town, Tea Sutra is found on the first floor of its building; with its slightly hidden entrance door down the side of the building. Upstairs you will find low tables, cushions to lie on, and authentically brewed teas accompanied with their own brewing timers. You can spend hours here playing board games, sipping sencha and even napping! On a rainy day, this is a perfectly cozy spot to spend listening to the raindrops patter against the window.

For information on how to find this little gem, click here.

Tea The Street Diner

Quilliam Brothers

Infamous with students and locals, we couldn’t leave The Quilliam Brother’s Teahouse off this list. With their chunky leather backed menus packed full of delicious brews, you may need more than a couple of minutes to decide on what tea you would like. Surrounded by teapots, local art and their monthly free cinema listings (that they host in their cozy downstairs cinema room) this is a must-visit for any tourist to Newcastle. 

Check out their website here.


Sidle your way through the various bikes and repair parts and you will reach the aromatic smell of Journey’s coffee brewing. This particular coffee shop has a great range of vegan and vegetarian food and is only metres away from The Laing Gallery (if you’re feeling cultured).  

Check out their Facebook page here.

Flat Caps

Just down the road from Journey, is the award-winning coffee house of Flat Caps. Serving nitro cold-brews and freshly made avocado on sourdough toast all under a beautiful array of hanging lights and plants, this larger than life coffee shop is great for whittling the hours away with a good book.

Check their website out here.

Max Bevan