Must-Watch Food Programmes

At The Street Diner, we really love food. Like REALLY love it. So much so, that even when we have a spare moment to wind down and watch something, we normally pick a food orientated programme. Here is out list of must-watch food programmes, documentaries and channels to get you reaching for the remote (or your laptop). 


Salt Fat Acid Heat The Street Diner

Based on the successful cookbook by Samin Nosrat, this four part documentary follows Nosrat to all corners of the globe in search of the four fundamental elements of food: salt, fat, acid and heat. Mixing science, travel, cooking and curiosity, this documentary is great for those who want a greater insight into what they eat. 

Find HERE on Netflix. 


The Chef Show The Street Diner

After creating the fabulous film Chef in 2014, Jon Favreau is back again with The Chef Show. Recreating classic recipes from the film with special celebrity guests, this candid-style documentary feels organic in its making. The audience are very much placed in a fly-on-the-wall position, watching Jon and others whip up mouthwatering dishes with the freshest of ingredients whilst they laugh and tell anecdotes. 

Find HERE on Netflix.


Binging with Babish The Street Diner

Binging with Babish, hosted by Andrew Rea, started on YouTube in 2006 as a cooking show like no other. Babish (Andrew) cooks up food from T.V shows, films, animations and the like; turning famous food, into a tasty reality. Since he started YouTube, he has grown his channel into a cinematic production of comedy, intrigue and teaching; now cooking up food to over 4,600,000 subscribers. He also hosts a series called ‘Basics with Babish’ which takes you through the basics of cooking each week.

Find HERE on YouTube.


Ugly Delicious The Street Diner

Award-winning chef David Chang stars in this documentary that explores the intersection between food, home, family and culture. Joined by writers, activists, artists and other chefs, he visits a variety of flavour-packed places in order to understand what it is about food that break down barriers between humans.

Find HERE on Netflix.

Max Bevan