Festival Survival

Festival Survival 

It’s that time. All the waiting and anticipation is over. The frantic clicking of the mouse to get a ticket was worth it. All the stress, all the months, leading up to this moment. 

You’re going to a British festival. 

Now, we know you are excited. But let’s be serious for a moment here. Let’s take a rational step backwards. There’s a lot that can go wrong. You’ve heard the stories. Tents flooding, the smell of your friends after they haven’t washed for three days… It’s not all rainbows and fairies. BUT, we’re here to help. Our failsafe list of festival essentials will help make your festival experience a weekend to remember (and not remembered in a traumatised way). Keep reading to learn the ultimate (and tested) list to survive a festival in Britain. 


Wellies The Street Diner

So you’ve checked the weather. And it’s looking good. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. This is Britain people, we know how temperamental it is. The only footwear you need to be bringing is a good sturdy pair of wellies that you know will keep you dry and comfortable whilst you dance the night away. You don’t want to be having a rave, and then lose your flip-flop now do you? 


Socks The Street Diner

If you bring any spare clothes make sure it’s socks. There is nothing worse than getting your socks wet, then having to wear them the next day. Fresh socks have this magical quality where you feel like a new person when you pull on a fresh pair. It really helps with the general grossness that you will be feeling by day 3. 


Banana The Street Diner

Your at a festival surrounded by deliciousness. You’ve eaten at The Street Diner mobile kitchen the night before and were feeling on top of the world. But, several drinks later, and after only a few hours sleep, facing a massive hot dog for breakfast is not for you. Alas! You remember the handy bag of apples that your mum packed for you! Fruit is high in sugar, and will be a welcome snack for those rough mornings where you can’t stomach carbs and protein. 


Sun The Street Diner

Seems simple but it’s an essential that’s commonly forgotten. You’re going to be outside for most of the day, so make sure your skin is protected! Don’t forget your ears too, those things hurt when they get burned! And no one likes the look of peeling ears.  


Water Bottle The Street Diner

Festivals are full of water taps. So do the environment a favour and bring your own refillable water bottle. Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is really important in general, but especially at a festival where you will be likely be drinking, and moving around more than normal. Live life large with lots of that sweet H2O. 


If you like a drink, then this one’s for you. This may seem like an obvious one, but hear us out. Be selective here folks. When you arrive, you’re going to have to lug your stuff to your campsite. Now you may see people with trollies and coolers full of alcohol, and you may think that these people are smart. WRONG. They are pulling extra weight because they haven’t thought through their alcohol supply carefully. Bringing 50 cans of beer is not the way to go. If you want to get tipsy, but you want to carry light, we suggest you pick your favourite spirits, your favourite mixer, and throw them together into some 2litre bottles. Less to carry, and more to get merry. 

Brick Phone The Street Diner


What we mean by this is don’t bring your nice new smartphone with you. You’re there to experience the festival, see some amazing music, it’s not like you’re going to need to be scrolling Facebook to kill some time. Rather, the best and safest thing to do to stay in contact is to bring a brick phone. Get yourself down to your local supermarket, pick up a £10 phone, put a £20 sim in it, and contact your friends and family that way. This way, you don’t have to worry about your phone being nicked or smashed, and you can still be reachable if you get lost in the crowds. 


And lots of it. The hangovers, and your hungover friends, will thank you for it. 


There may be times where you are too busy raving and can’t make it to The Street Diner mobile. Don’t forget that your body needs nourishment in order to function properly, and eating regularly is a big part of that. However, we suggest that just in case (for those desperate times) you bring a little tupperware of protein powder that you can quickly whip into a shake, and get some calories in your system. You really don’t want to faint in a mosh pit. Trust me. 


Waterproof The Street Diner

Okay, you may not look like Liam Gallagher, but at least you will be dry. Waterproofs don’t have to take up loads of room in your bag either. Search out a cheap kag-in-a-bag which can roll up and be stuffed into your rucksack for when you need it. 

Max Bevan