A Man with a Van

Since the dawn of time, man and van have been side by side, travelling into the abyss, searching for the meaning of life…

Well, not exactly. But we sure are grateful for their existence in our modern world. Because, ladies and gentlemen, a van is not simply a vehicle. At least, our Street Diner vans aren’t. Our vans are dreams turned into realities; the reality of on-the-go, delicious food, anywhere, at any time. Transforming our vans into kitchens was the obvious step towards the food revolution that we fight for every time we serve up a plate of mouthwatering nourishment. Not convinced? Here are five reasons to tell you why The Street Diner vans are the food, and vehicles, of the future: 


Being mobile means being unconstrained by place or time. Our vans can travel anywhere, for anything and at any time. They are designed around you, the consumer. We don’t want you to have to get on the train, get on the bus, walk or skip towards your restaurant of choice. We want to bring our food directly to you, on your doorstep, on your terms. Why travel to eat, when your food can travel to you? 


If your like us, you want to know where your food comes from. The behind the scenes of any kitchen is a fascinating place, and us foodie buffs love to see chefs work their magic. However, most of the time, we are out here, and they’re in there. Your average restaurant doesn’t allow you the pleasure of seeing the process that makes the plate in front of us. We are left wondering, waiting, wishing for the day where we can see the flames rise from the pan, the steam curl from a bubbling pot…well wonder no more my friend. You get to see all the action that goes on in our kitchen from the moment your order leaves your lips, to the second your food is handed to you. We believe there is nothing more exciting than being able to watch your food being cooked, and The Street Diner provides you hungry peeps with a wide open window to the world of culinary excellence (we are not responsible for dribble). 


You don’t just get to watch the chefs though, you get to meet the chefs. No longer anonymous figures in the background, our chefs are friendly, personable and love to chat! (especially about food because, you know, that’s their thang). We take service with a smile to the next level by creating an environment where you can have a meaningful encounter with the person who creates your next meal. Plus, our chefs are proud of their creations! So why shouldn’t they get to put their faces and names next to their food?  


We travel. A lot. We have worked in every environment you can imagine. From festivals, to Silverstone F1, to corporate events, we know how to adapt ourselves to any setting imaginable. Our chefs can whip up any dish to your liking, and our experienced team will deliver outstanding service at every occasion.


Like we said, you watch the food being made. And boy are we fast. And it’s all because of our unique, customised set-up. Everything our chefs could need is at their fingertips and in reach. There’s no running to the store-room or the cellar. There’s no “where’s that sieve gone Dave, I saw you use it last.” Everything is where it should be, positioned for efficiency, and stocked to your hungry belly’s needs. 

Max Bevan