A Burger Broken Down

Whatever burger takes your fancy, there are a few simple components that make up this classic Hamburg cuisine that stormed the world’s palette. 

Burger Bun Street Diner

The Bun

Soft or crunchy? Toasted or seeded? Burger buns come in all shapes and sizes. Your burger patty may be comfortable between a toasted brioche bun. Or perhaps it will be more suited to your classic hamburger bun with sesame seeds sprinkled on the top. Heck, some burgers even come between two donuts! May seem weird, but if it works, it works. Whatever the bed your burger lies in, the bun in the structure that holds everything together. So choose wisely. There’s nothing worse than a bun that doesn’t hold it’s filling. 

Beef Patty Street Diner

The Patty

Beef, turkey, beans, chickpeas…all have their place in the burger world. Whether your a prime-cut 100% British beef person, or you like your burgers meat-free, burgers shouldn’t discriminate with their main event. As long as it’s tasty and flavourful, all patties have a place between the bun.  

Cheese the street diner

The Cheese

American style, gruyere, fried Halloumi, mature chedder…the choices are endless and all equally delicious. Why not try making a parmesan crisp in the oven? Or grilling some Halloumi until its charred on the outside, but salty and chewy on the inside. Excuse us, our mouths are watering. 

Salad The Street Diner

The Salad

An understated, but necessary part, of the burger dynamic. Bringing texture and colour to the plate we have iceberg lettuce, sliced beef tomatoes, thin white onion and pickles. That extra crunch (and nutrients, don’t forget the nutrients) is what makes every burger that little bit special. 

Mustard The Street Diner

The Sauce

The glue of your burger, the sauce is an important component that cannot be forgotten. Ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard (dijon if you’re adventurous) are all fine. But there’s nothing quite like a special sauce is there? Say…the one we make at The Street Diner? You’re mind will be blown. 

Crispy Bacon The Street Diner

The Extras

Your patty not enough meat for you? Throw on some crispy fried bacon on top. Or why not some caramelised onions sautéed in honey for some extra sweetness? Or even crispy onions? Like it spicy? Toss some jalapeños or fresh chopped chillis on top of your cheese to give it that extra kick that makes your tongue do the funky chicken. 

Max Bevan