3 Tips for Booking a Caterer

Booking a caterer should be one of the simpler aspects of planning an event, right? (well it is when you book The Street Diner of course). But there are definitely a couple of things you need to consider when deciding on which food you are going to serve up to your guests. Here are our top three essentials for booking a caterer:


People The Street Diner

Whether you are serving a small party of 20 people, or a guest list of 500, it is important that you think about the logistics of need to demand when it comes to the hungry bellies of your guests. Some caterers may prepare the food for your event in advance; or even not cater an event because it is too large or too small. At The Street Diner, no event is too large, or too small, for us to cater. Our fleet of mobile kitchens provides you with the variety of choice that traditional caterers are lacking. Our food is made there and then; meaning less wastage, and more opportunity for you to get a second-helping!


Veganism The Street Diner

With veganism on the rise and more people discovering their food intolerances, it is really important that you consider the dietary requirements that your guests will have. Some caterers may only have a set menu that they serve, with perhaps one or two dishes that are suitable for people with dietary requirements. Not us though. We adhere our menu to you, and your event. Our sample menus are there to give you an idea of SOME of the cuisine that we can cook up for you. But the possibilities are endless. If you want a menu that is suitable for any type of diet, then we can make that for you. You are the director of your menu, and we are there to make it happen for you.


Power The Street Diner

In this case, we’re talking power supply. If you are booking a traditional caterer, it is more than likely that they will need to provide some resources for them. Whether that is electrical or gas supply, a whole kitchen, or a load of tables to set the food upon, you may need to do more than you would think when it comes to the food. HOWEVER, when it comes to The Street Diner, we place our customers at the centre of our catering. Therefore, if you are really stuck for water or gas supply, we can be completely self-sufficient without you having to do anything! 

BOOK NOW, for an incredible culinary experience that will make your event one to remember!

Max Bevan